Young, Gifted and Black - Danny Ray Christian

Young, Gifted and Black

By Danny Ray Christian

  • Release Date: 2017-03-02
  • Genre: Social Science


The most crucial information this generation of African American youth must know is the fact that unless they live their life with a sense of urgency and purpose, the world is going to pass them by. Now is the time for those who want something more out of life than mediocrity and the status quo to go out and get it. The people who are going to survive and prosper in this era of rapid change are those who are able to be radical in both their thinking and dreaming. Young people of today cannot content themselves with waiting on others to give them an opportunity and open doors for them but must become proactive in creating opportunities for themselves. Know this one thing for sure: opportunity doesnt breed purpose. Purpose creates opportunities by virtue of it, driving you out of your comfort zone. I wish for my son and every other African American youth to know that the more of their comfort they are willing to give up, the more of their dream and success they can achieve. You are reading this book because I sacrificed five hundred of my seven-hundred-dollars-a-month income to publish it, without having a place to live or knowing how I was going to make it through the rest of the month. But that is what dream chasers do They throw everything they have behind their dream. I caution every young person to not listen to those who tell you that you cant afford to spend your last dollar on your dream. The truth is, you cant afford not to if you hope to ever see your dream come true.