Grey: The Encounter - Allison White

Grey: The Encounter

By Allison White

  • Release Date: 2018-05-15
  • Genre: New Adult
Score: 4
From 153 Ratings


My goal was clear—to achieve success in every aspect of my life. It seemed easy enough for a while…until I woke up with a stranger staring at me from my roommate’s bed.

Grey. The distraction I didn’t count on. The wrench that came crashing into my agenda. He’s one tall, lean, tattooed bad boy with the natural talent to annoy me. I was determined to ignore him, but there’s something about him that lures me in.

The more I fight it, the stronger it becomes—the need to be close to him.

But I’ve worked too hard to be where I am today, and I won’t let it all be ruined by a guy who is more trouble than not.

There’s just one problem. Grey has his dark eyes set on someone…

…and that someone is me.


  • Mediocre

    By Russ0063
    So-so. Pretty much a waste of my time. Anemic ending.
  • Senseless

    By Dynonugget75
    Waste of time, it’s too long to no where
  • Good, but...

    By LitgP
    Grey: The Encounter, was sort of a good book. It reminded me too much of After on Wattpad written by Anna Todd, the two characters were constantly fighting about the same thing over and over again, Grey being with Diane all the time (Like Harry is with Molly in After), and Olivia was a lot like Tessa’s character. The part I disliked the most was the ending. In my opinion, that was a terrible way to end a book unless there was a second book.
  • Horrible ending

    By aftermovie.updates
    I enjoyed the concept of the book and I loved reading through it but then when it went towards the end. My brain got so jumbled. Like what kind of ending is of a girl walking to the dance floor with a guy?!!!
  • Grey the encounter

    By buckeye11mbc
    Terrible ending!
  • Grey the Encounter

    By Buddyzbuddy
    Interesting plot but no ending. Way too long of a book with no resolution!
  • Grey The Encounter

    By mjsophie
    Loved the book, but very disappointed in the ending. Thought there would be a sequel??
  • Good, but not good.

    By gingeyyy
    Well written, but I was turned off by the constant back and forth relationship and the same fights happening throughout the entire book. I don’t like the abrupt ending of the first book and how none of the other books are available like... anywhere. I also don’t know what the point of their story is? Because he’s bipolar and their relationship is always a back and forth thing, but what are they getting at? They really don’t have a purpose...
  • Well written, terrible ending.

    By Dtfriddle
    Overall a good book, but a terrible ending! I’m assuming there’s a part two coming, but absolutely no info about when/where!