Running Blind - Lee Child

Running Blind

By Lee Child

  • Release Date: 2000-07-17
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 775 Ratings


Jack Reacher races to solve the perfect crime in the fourth novel in Lee Child’s New York Times bestselling series.
Across the country, women are being murdered, victims of a disciplined and clever killer who leaves no trace evidence, no fatal wounds, no signs of struggle, and no clues to an apparent motive. They are, truly, perfect crimes. In fact, there’s only one thing that links the victims. Each one of the women knew Jack Reacher—and it’s got him running blind.


  • Getting better

    By Johnawc
    Like other authors, I try to read their works from the beginning so I have much catching up to do with Lee Child. That being said, I found this to be much better written than his first two books. The twist at the end was far less obvious and the main character had more depth. The plot was far more engaging and the whodunit part was well disguised. Soon I will start on the next book in the series expecting an even bigger improvement and hope not to be disappointed.
  • Running Blind

    By Lidosailor
    This tale is vintage Jack Reacher. Lee Child has created a most interesting character in Reacher. This tale delves into how Reacher's mind solves riddles. The book moves swiftly and with the tart yet delightful dialogue that keeps the reader turning the pages. The finale is unexpected and well thought out.
  • Intense

    By Ramanatunes
    A great reading full of suspense.
  • Great twist

    By Amirabear
    I could not predict this ending at all. Kept be guessing the entire time. Loved it!!!
  • Running Blind

    By bluesman 007
    A good rendering by Child and Reacher fans won't be all the "Reacher Rules" generously applied here - from kicking butt, minimal clothes changing, folding toothbrush, no luggage, to walking miles and miles on interstates. What is perplexing, however, is Child's obvious lack of research on one of the book's major plotting points. Major Spoiler Alert here - read no further if you plan to buy Running Blind.... OK - you have been warned. Here's the deal - All of the victims were hypnotized in order for the killer to carry out the dastardly deeds. But EVERYONE knows or should no that absolutely No one can be hypnotized and be "commanded " to do something he or she would deem to be immoral, illegal, or otherwise against something that person would ordinarily never do - like, uh, kill themselves or rake a screw driver across their face! Come on - Lee - just google any article on hypnotism on the old World Wide Web and you can find out what every psychiatrist and psychologist knows!! So I was really into the book until the last 20 pages when the author became a bit lazy with the facts - still a great read just a bit disappointing at the end! Three stars - not my usual Reacher 5 stars because Lee needs to quit counting his royalties and get off the couch to research!
  • Good, but flawed

    By EdinLV
    This is a great Jack Reacher book where we get to see even deeper into his flawed character. The one issue I have with the book (spoiler alert) is the colonel. The voice was used for him earlier in the book and then suddenly at the end you are left wondering why he was being so secretive about his copy of the list if that inner voice was not him. Made me think the next book was going to put Reacher on his trail because the book makes it seem he is also up to something no good and that was just unsatisfying.
  • Good Jack Reacher novel

    By texaslorie
    I enjoyed Running Blind, but it wasn't the best Jack Reacher novel. First half pretty slow but then it picks up. Good conclusion.
  • Awful!!!!!

    By 4ah
    The most implausible story I have ever read! The earlier Reacher books were very good. This story line sucked, it portrayed the FBI as very crooked and corrupt. The tool used to make the victims kill themselves was the most stupid I've ever heard. Pass the Reacher by, and save your money!
  • Jack Reacher

    By Bubbasdogwalks
    I just love Jack Reacher! My kind of hero......I shall read them all!
  • First one I read.

    By Greenbaylover04
    Got me hooked on Lee Child/Jack Reacher.Great.